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Humbucker '59s

There are certain things that make a great sounding old pickup, wire, magnets and some unqualified essence. This model really sounds and feels like a '50's pickup. The Resistance is 7.85K to 8.1K.

These are made with ALNICO 3 or ALNICO 5 magnets. The neck position with an ALNICO 3 magnet is able to get that low heat distortion and keep note clarity at the same time. It has that classic Clapton neck position sound. The bridge position with the ALNICO 5 has that classic top end articulation and lows that have a "Cello" quality.The perfect set seems to be the 7.9 In the neck with an Alnico 3 magnet and the 8.1 in the bridge position with an Alnico 5.

Alnico 3 or Alnico 5 with nickel covers new or aged.

7~8.3K(other ohm outputs are available as a custom order)

$300.00 set

Humbucker '60s

This pickup is a replica of the late type of PAF's. This model is simular to the '59 model but voiced with a little more top end , and a tighter bottom.

I like this pickup in a guitar that is warm sounding and needs a little more top end.

The pickup is available with a ALNICO 3 or 5 magnets. i like the ALNICO 3 in the neck and the ALNICO 5 for the bridge.

7.6~8.3k with nickel covers new or aged

$300.00 set

Humbuckers '57s

This pickup is modeled after an early PAF (no decal) humbucker that we had in the shop. This model is very warm and smooth sounding, while keeping an articulate and defined edge. By using the Custom made formvar wire this pickup has enhanced mids and upper lows. It is wonderful in adding warm organic tones to a guitar that is a little too bright.

Available with either a ALNICO 3 or a ALNICO 5 magnet. I like the ALNICO 3 in the neck position and the ALNICO 5 in the bridge position. The magnets are the correct size for old Humbuckers. This pickup is ideal for use in a single,single,humbucker setup. The character of this humbucker with the formvar wire Matches the Flavor of my "60's Strat Replacement pickups perfectly.

7.5~8.5K with nickel covers either new or aged.

$300.00 set


P 90

These p-90's are hand wound to vintage specs (or more!).
The pickup's have that great sustain ,chuncky bottom and that ghostly top end. These P-90's sound incredible with class A amps. I use these in my Model 1 and 2 guitars and they are wound to 10k . The pickups are available with either Formvar or Enamel wire, the Formvar wire gives a thicker sound and the enamel is more focused and more clearly defined in the low end.

Choice of Black or Cream colored covers.

8K 10K

$220.00 set